Advantage Equipment Inspections - The trusted and trusted vendor for Pre Purchase Auto Inspection services throughout your purchasing experience

Reports We Supply

1. Automobile, Truck, Van, and SUV

2. Tractor, Trailer, Farm Equipment, Construction Equipment, Box Trucks, Flatbeds, Boom Trucks, and Tank Trucks

3. Boats under 30′, motorcycles, ATV's

How It Works

1. Request a Report - We offer same day turnaround before the auction date and final minute inspection services on sale date, together with at least two hours notice prior to the sale begins.

2. Gear Inspection - Our third party inspection program ensures no prejudice when determining the condition of the vehicle

3. Download Report - You will receive a detailed report indicating the car's condition, along with photo proof. The report will be provided in an easy to see online report, in Addition to a printable PDF document

Where We Operate

1. Houston, TX

2. Van Nuys, CA

3. Hillsboro, NJ

4. New Britain, CT

5. Waldorf, MD

6. Nationwide Service available!

Why Advantage?

Advantage Equipment Inspections utilizes our Qualified National Vendor Network to provide inspections on cars, trucks, tractors, RV's, industrial equipment, farm equipment, industrial equipment, and marine products. A certified and trained practitioner is on your town waiting to accommodate your inspection needs. High-Quality digital photos and a condition report are supplied with every review to ensure report accuracy.

Benefit Gear Inspections are designed to assist parties in determining the condition of the device of interest before leasing, buying, or performing desk reviews. Our fully customizable third party review programs guarantee no bias when determining the condition of the state units or performing desk inspection for insurance. Utilizing our Qualified National Vendor Network of nearly 300 vendors means obtaining an accurate review completed quickly and professionally. Condition report only. Benefit Gear Inspection Services does not guarantee mechanical vulnerability.

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