Just because there are no joints, micro concrete gives a sense of space. It is a waterproof, scratch-resistant concrete look and also wear and color resistant.

Micro concrete is available in all colours and has a special structure. Depending upon the grain size, you opt for an elegant or robust look.

With micro concrete we provide a new & unique concrete concrete. Microbeton is from the journals too betonstuc, concrete warung or micro-topping said. These three have the highest quality residential concrete.

1. Betonstuc characteristics: waterproof, easy to maintain, joint-free, plasma, fungicidal, all colour tones, cleanable and durable.

2. Concrete substrates: stones, tiles, stucco, concrete, MDF, cement, plastic and plaster.

3. Betonstuc programs: concrete appearance floor , concrete look wall, concrete appearance staircase , concrete appearance toilet, concrete look kitchen high , concrete appearance terrace, concrete look furniture like concrete look table, concrete look TV cupboard, concrete appearance table high, concrete look cupboard.

Micro concrete (concrete plaster / concrete cire / microtopping) is superbly priced, can be applied to many surfaces, it is luxurious and durable and potential in many colors and can be applied quickly.

What's micro-concrete?

Micro concrete is the upgrade of concrete cement, a mortar written on the basis of two components: Concrete (dry proportion) and resin (liquid percentage). Based on the quantity of additional colour pigment, the available colour palette is infinite.

Thanks to this particular composition, micro concrete is very hard and wear-resistant, on condition it's applied on a tough, steady surface. You can also locate micro concrete in interior sheets beneath the name of plaster.

Why select micro-concrete?

1. Quality

You want to renovate your bathroom, replace bare and worn tiles from the living room, or you see up against breaking and cutting?

As a result of this small thickness of micro concrete, all cutting and breaking work is unnecessary. It is applied to the existing substrate, provided it's dust and dirt free and hard and stable. The flooring is finished free of joints, so that the end result is above all given a quiet look.

The micro concrete is impregnated with a finish protection coating. This last layer leaves the micro concrete watertight, scratch-free and stain resistant.

As a result of this end protection coating, micro concrete is very easy to maintain .

2. Cost

After factors are considered when setting the cost:

- number of m2 - Total number of square meters : The higher the total amount of square yards, the lower the cost

- problem of execution - Character of the implementation : Do you want a concrete cire floor in 1 color, or a wall with different colors, a concrete cire bathroom furniture plus a micro-concrete kitchen top?

- quality of the Present surface- To be able to produce a seamless flooring, wall and furniture end, we just apply micro cement on hard, stable and crack-free surfaces. A substrate that does not fulfill this has to be prepared first to find the intended outcome. The less the number of preparatory works, the lower the cost.

- geographic location and availability - Is your place of implementation readily accessible and accessible? Which is the space to the location of the assignment? All these are also factors which may increase the purchase price.

3. Appearance

When it is a concrete look flooring or a designer appearance floor, a waterproof wall in the bathroom or some distinctive concrete look worktop, the look depends upon the fineness of the grain, on the amount of applied layers and above on the hand of this placer.

Concrete look BathroomMicro concrete is applied manually so its look is given a exceptional touch. It seems warmer and more natural than, for instance, an epoxy or throw floor.

Micro concrete flooring or walls are free of joints and so contribute to a larger spatial experience.

The assortment of colors is endless, the durability of these colors is guaranteed. For a definitive color choice, we advise that you only choose the colour on steel in a conversation. Thanks to the broad range of available colors, you can shape your inside yourself: tight, industrial, warm or atmospheric ... it is all possible.

4. Care

Mortar, concrete cire or tadelakt floors are best served by regular maintenance with neutral detergents. You wash micro-concrete floors in the exact same manner where we suggest that you mop with water after each cleaning.

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